Hi! I'm Alexandra Gross, a freelance writer available for hire. 

My writing style is

  • Easy to read and conversational

  • Structured according to grammatical and conventional principles

  • Informative without overloading the reader with technical jargon

I am knowledgable, experienced, and passionate about

  • Social theory and societal/political issues - I have a bachelor's degree in sociology.

  • British and Canadian history - I spent a year living in the Scottish highlands, where I worked in a castle. The majority of my first work experiences were within historical tourism.

  • Product reviews 

What sets me apart from other freelance writers?

  • I am university educated and can write on highly technical subjects as well as informal blog-style articles.

  • I have lived and worked in both Canada and the United Kingdom and can write for both audiences.

  • I am friendly, easy going and flexible - this makes me easy to work with.

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